Our Story

It all started back in 1986 when a small shop made for residential projects opened up with 3 people.

The company started to grow and in 2005 made it´s first step into the hospitality industry, working with designers and creating beautiful projects all around America.

After working with many designers, exploring their ideas with woods, veneers and after several projects we decided to create our own brand and share our quality, craftsmanship and love for beautiful furniture with people all around the world.

It has been a fulfilling journey so far, where we now open our hearts in Macavian to everyone who wants to be part of our story.

  • Mission

    Help people making their home beautiful

  • Values

    We go with the idea to do things with joy, love and passion, this way our pieces can transmit and deliver the same in the hands of our customers.

  • Wood wall mirror plain design

    Macavian Design: Elevating the Simple

    Our approach is deeply influenced and inspired by the simple, yet profound beauty found in nature and in natural forms. Each piece we create is a tribute to the elegance inherent in simplicity.

    We believe that true artistry lies in distilling the intricate into the refined, capturing the essence of minimalistic charm.

    With a keen eye for detail, we create designs that embrace the quiet allure of the uncomplicated, allowing you to infuse your space with an aesthetic that transcends trends and whispers of timeless sophistication.

  • wood cutting

    Upholding High Quality Standards

    Our commitment to craftsmanship goes hand in hand with our unwavering dedication to maintaining high quality standards.

    Each piece is a testament to our meticulous attention to detail and rigorous quality checks. From selecting the finest materials to employing expert techniques, we ensure that every creation meets the standards that define us.

    This devotion to excellence guarantees that when you choose Macavian, you're not just acquiring furniture – you're investing in a masterpiece that will stand the test of time.

  • people of different races and ethnic backgrounds doing reforestation

    Empowering Communities through Reforestation

    Join us in a remarkable journey of reforestation that goes beyond trees – it uplifts communities.

    With every sapling planted, we sow the seeds of positive change, fostering thriving neighborhoods and a greener future for all.

  • Map of the world

    Global Reach

    Our dedication to craftsmanship knows no boundaries – it's a passion that resonates across the globe.

    And our mission is simple – to be part of every home, and be the cause behind every smile of joy while admiring our products in every corner of the world, connecting all cultures together with timeless elegance and celebrating the beauty of diversity.

    With a vision that transcends borders, we made possible for Macavian's pieces to find their way into homes around the world.

    Our creations are a testament to the universal language of exquisite design connecting cultures no matter where you are.

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